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Moyea SWF to Video Family

• Synchronization of video and audio
• Smooth sound with high quality
• Smooth playback of video and animations, and perfectly process complicated Flash file
• Accurately keep the original playback speed
• Successfully process built-in Flash videos or linked Flash videos

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Actions speak louder than words!

Please download the following test resources to test & Compare

Moyea SWF Video Converter with other SWF converter! (Currently, many swf files in the market belong to one of the types listed below)
1. Music flash controlled by script.
Beautiful.swf Download (542KB)

2. No end game flash file needs people's joining to play;
CrusaderTrank.swf Download (0.98M)
GangsterPursuit.swf Download (1.73M)

3. SWF file which are embedded some high clear video internally;
EmbedFLV.swf Download (14.1M)

4. SWF file which link external videos;
OutsideFLV.swf & OutsideFLV.flv Download (13.7M)

5. All test resources Download

To get the best output quality, please use Moyea SWF to Video Converter "Manual" conversion mode to convert these files, as the test resources above are a little complicated. However, you'd find that even "Automatic" conversion mode of Moyea SWF Converter would get relatively better effect than any conversion mode of other SWF Converters in the market.
More test resource is continuing adding; please continue to keep an eye on this page!

Why .SWF Format File is Complicated?

SWF file format (pronounced "swiff") delivers vector graphics, text, video, and sound over the Internet to AdobeFlashPlayer software. SWF file format is designed to be an efficient delivery format, not a format for exchanging graphics between graphics editors. It is designed to meet the goals of On-screen display, Extensibility, Network delivery, Simplicity, Scriptability, Speed, Scalability.

Seen from the purposes of creation the SWF format file, this kind of file is very simple, but in fact, SWF (flash) file is a very complex format file which decided by the following points:

1. A SWF file has the character of typical interaction between definition tags, control tags and the dictionary.
A SWF file has the character of typical interaction between definition tags, control tags and the dictionary. A SWF file is made up of a header, followed by a number of tags. The two types of tags are definition tags and control tags. Definition tags define the objects known as characters, which are stored in the dictionary. Control tags manipulate characters, and control the flow of the file. The dictionary is a repository of characters that are defined, and are available for control tags to use. Control tags are not the only tags that reference the dictionary. Definition tags can use characters from the dictionary to define more complex characters. For example, the DefineButton and DefineSprite tags refer to other characters to define their contents. The DefineText tag can refer to font characters to select different fonts for the text.

2. Although there are some rules you have to observe to create SWF file, Generally speaking, tags in a SWF can occur in any order.
Generally speaking, tags in a SWF can occur in any order. However, you must observe the following rules:
• The FileAttributes tag must be the first tag in the SWF file for SWF 8 and later.
• A tag should only depend on tags that come before it. A tag should never depend on a tag that comes later in the file.
• A definition tag that defines a character must occur before any control tag that refers to that character.
• Streaming sound tags must be in order. Out-of-order streaming sound tags result in the sound being played out of order.
• The End tag is always the last tag in the SWF file.

3. The ability of tagged data blocks enables tags to be removed, inserted, or modified by tools that process a SWF file.
Following the header is a series of tagged data blocks. All tags share a common format, so any program parsing a SWF file can skip over blocks it does not understand. Data inside the block can point to offsets within the block, but can never point to an offset in another block. This ability enables tags to be removed, inserted, or modified by tools that process a SWF file...

4. SWF 9 introduces the new ActionScript 3.0 language and virtual machine. To identify a SWF as targeting the new virtual machine the FileAttributes tag adds a new ActionScript3 field, this made SWF more complex.

5. SWF video tags define embedded video data within a SWF file. These tags are permissibleonly in SWF 6 or later.
Video embedded in a SWF file is always streamed: video frames are located in the SWF frames with which they are temporally associated, and video playback can begin before an entire video stream is downloaded. This process is comparable to the way that streaming sounds are defined (see Streaming sound).

For these factors and other, there are different complicated SWF (flash) files exists: some SWF files have many frames (even more than thousands of frames), but the main contents only centralized in the last one or two frames and only can be played several minutes; some SWF files only contain several frames (even 1 frame), but it full of rich contents which can be played several hours and so on.

[ To these complicated SWF files, most Flash (SWF) Converter in current market can not convert them perfectly, except Moyea SWF to Video Converter, as Moyea SWF converter provide a relatively complex conversion mode to deal with these complicated flash files. And we offer types of SWF resource to you to compare Moyea SWF to Video Converter with Flash Converter you can find in the market, and to test three conversion mode of Moyea: Automatic, Semiautomatic and Manual. Then you can find the absolute advantages of Moyea SWF Converter. ]