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Version History of Moyea Web Player

Moyea Web Player, a professional and multifunctional flash video player generator, the generated flash video player supports the playback of video formats that the Adobe Flash Player can handle, such as FLV, H.264 coded MOV, MP4, 3GP and 3G2.

Moyea Web Player V2.4.0.0
(Mar, 4th, 2010)
1. Begin to support irregular controlbar with more versatile styles which can perfectly overlap on the current video for aesthetic view.
2. Enhanced support to Moyea existing and upcoming "web-based" plugins.
3. Bug-fixings.

Moyea Web Player V2.3.0.3
(Jan, 22nd, 2010)
1. Auto capture video thumbnails for those videos imported from the latestYouTube Video Plugin and other upcoming plugins, and even for videos with the same caption respectively.
2. Publish the generated index.html to customer’s local site with visible player preview. Visualizes the flash video player customization and makes revision the easiest ever.
3. Optimize “Advertise” interface to ensure a better ad design environment and remove all the hassles on ad edit area when switching videos.
4. Bug-fixings.

Moyea Web Player V2.3.0.2
(Jan, 08th, 2010)
1. Optimize the plugin parameter setting drop-down list to ensure the validity of every parameter backfill data.
2. Easy access to one of the freshly-released plugins called Moyea Ext Playlist Plugin which can create personalized external playlists with a wide range of layout and style for the customized web player on webpage.

Moyea Web Player V2.3.0.0
(Dec, 15th, 2009)
1. Release Moyea JavaScript API.
2. Bug-fixings.

Moyea Web Player V2.2.0.0
(Nov, 19th, 2009)
1. Display all the registered domain names in publication list for future identification and convenient publication for customers who have already purchased license/domains of Moyea Web Player.
2. Embed player successfully in any website, blog or forum by retainning the parameters right and unchanged.
3. Ensure a smooth transmit of existing parameters between global plugin and codebase when a Disable command is executed to certain plugins.
4. Preview player effect anytime during the customizing process in full-screen mode.
5. Support to identify the special characters used in filename and makes it easier to type unfrequent characters too when renaming the video file.

Moyea Web Player V2.1.1.5
(Oct, 22nd, 2009)
1. Ensure the synchronization of plugin-delete action both in project file and the player itself.
2. Enable to keep the complete plugin parameter for reference even a plugin-disable command is executed.
3. Download successfully the recommended add-ons listed in “Add-ons” menu.

Moyea Web Player V2.1.1.0
(Oct, 14th, 2009)
1. Maintain the global plugin version the up to date one when designing.
2. Keep the global plugin parameters from missing when free version and official version coexist.
3. Execute plugin Disable command successfully.
4. Enable to keep the valid parameter backfill of plugin parameter setting drop-down list.

Moyea Web Player V2.0.1.15
(Jul, 13th, 2009)
1. Enable to capture thumbnails for those videos both from local computer and internet (like streaming video, live streaming video, SMIL presentation).
2. More effort are dedicated to prevent program crash and ensure a full and smooth control including to navigate backward and forward, pause, play and stop.
3. Resume the function of “Stop” button on one of the player skins named “cnboo”.

Moyea Web Player V 2.0
(May 19, 2009)
1. Begins to accept addons to extend its capability.
2. Has more powerful functionalities on advertising and watermark.
3. Begins to support the playback of streaming videos, live videos, SMIL presentations.
4. Offers free version.  

Moyea Web Player Pro V 1.7
(Nov. 19, 2008)
1. Added watermark function to the program.
2. Add "stop ad" on the watermark settings interface fore easier advertise and watermark settings.
3. Added "autoChooseNext" for loop play.
4. Fixed some bugs.
5. Improved the program interfaces.

Moyea Web Player Pro V 1.6
(Sept. 17, 2008)
1. Fixed some bugs

Moyea Web Player Pro V 1.5
(August 18, 2008)
1. Added the function of inserting advertisements for the flash video file. The file types of flash video, SWF, and images both from local computer and URL can be easily inserted into the flash video files as advertisements for business use. And these added advertisements can be freely made many settings.
2. Added many professionally designed flash video player templates and preloader templates.
3. Added much more personalized settings
4. Optimized operation interface and made it much more intuitive and user-friendly

Moyea Web Player Pro V 1.4
(June 30, 2008)
1. More fomats of GIF and PNG are added for saving the captured thumbnail under "Media" tab.
2. Made "Free Moyea Video4Web Converter" available for downloading and transfering directly.

3. When preloader is checked, the options of "Auto load" and "Pause at first frame" would be auto checked and locked; "none" checking would cancel the lock.

Moyea Web Player Pro V 1.3
(June 20, 2008)
1. Added the options of the ways to display video list
2. Fixed some bugs

Moyea Web Player Pro V 1.2
(May 23, 2008)
1. Actionscript3 SWF file is added to be supported in user define area.
2. SWF file both from local machine and in the URL are supported to load in the user define area.
3. Fixed the bug that the player is unable to play the flash video which is linked by the URL under the "out file" publish form.
4. Fixed the bug that flash video did not locate in the centre when the value of user define area is "none".
5. Optimized the operation interface.
6. Solved the problem that the float preview window is unable to auto close when switch to other window page.
7. Solved the problem that flash video stops play when the program exit and choose cancellation

Moyea Web Player Pro V 1.1
(May 16, 2008)
1. Fixed the length limitation of the file path when drag into the project file.
2. Fixed the limitation of unable to drag the video list frame.
3. Separated templates style code from the interface, and the registered users can free obtain source skin file.
4. "More Style" listed in the "Template" interface "Style" options is added to link to the correspondent web page.
5. Fixed the bug of pop-up video list after choosing noWatchBtn and completing playing.
6. Modify the option of "Navigation at end":
When "End URL" is swf, the page will turn to directly play the swf file to replace the player.
When "End URL" is flv, the player will directly play the FLV file.
The end progress button, pause button and stop button are invalid.
7. Add the "none" option to User define area. Program will auto default "none" options if users have canceled to add SWF file.
8. Under default condition, all settings and effects is changed to keep aspect. 

Moyea Web Player Pro V 1.0
(Apr. 28, 2008)
1. Generate a SWF file as the individuation flash video player for the web
2. Player settings are changeable both from program and generated HTML file
3. Delete, add and replace flash video for player can be realized both by program and Xml playlist file
4. Provide diversiform player templates for choosing
5. Player mode and templates are changeable at random with the program
6. No amounts limitation refers to play flash video with a single player
7. Generated web player support play FLV, MP4, MOV, 3G2, 3GP, H.264 file
8. Advanced settings are allowed
9. Thumbnails can be captured for related flash video image

System requirements

Price: $99.95
Moyea Web Player Premium System requirements

- Windows NT4.0 + SP6/2000/XP or above
- 64MB Memory (128MB recommended) & 512MB hard disc space or above
- Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or above & Quick Time file supported Quick Time 6.0 or above
- Windows Media Player 9.0 or above & Flash Player 9 or above
- Internet Explorer 7.0 or above recommended

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