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Tutorial of Moyea Video4Web Converter

Moyea Video4Web Converter is an easy-to-use video to flash video converter with which user can upload video to YouTube more easily. Since YouTube can only support the uploading of limited video files, Moyea Video4Web Converter is designed to help user convert the unsupported video to MP4/MOV/3GP/FLV/3G2 video for YouTube.

With the latest version of Moyea Video4Web Converter, user can upload video to YouTube automatically. Besides that, other powerful functions have also been added to the updated Moyea Video4Web Converter. Of course, the more functions the converter gets, the simpler operations user enjoys. Therefore, this tutorial will show user how to upload video to YouTube with Moyea Video4 Web Converter.

Step 1: Download and launch Moyea Video4 Web Converter.

Step 2: Input the video. To input the video, two methods are provided here. User can either choose "Add Video Files" in the drop-down menu of "File" or click "Add Video" icon and choose "Add Video Files".

Add video with Moyea Video4Web Converter

To input DRM files. Click "File" and then choose "Find DRM Files" in the drop-down menu of "File".

Add DRM file with Moyea Video4Web Converter

Step 3: Set output video for YouTube. In order to upload video to YouTube, user can set the output video as FLV/3GP/3G2/MP4/MOV file in the drop-down menu of "Profile".

Set output video with Moyea Video4Web Converter

To customize video parameters, click "Settings" button. After that, customize video parameters with "Video Codec", "Video Size", "Bit Rate" and "Frame Rate" or customize audio parameters with "Audio Codec", "Bit Rate" and "Sample Rate".

Customize video parameters with Moyea Video4Web Converter

Step 4: Edit the video for YouTube. In this free video editor, functions like trimming, cropping, adding video effects and adding watermark are provided. To get to "Video Edit" interface, user needs to either click "Edit" icon or right click the video and choose "Media Edit" option in the drop-down menu. 

Get to Media Edit Panel

1. Trim the video. With options like "Start Time", "End Time" and "Clip Length", user may cut the video precisely to millisecond.

Trim video with Moyea Video4Web Converter

2. Crop the video. With "Zoom", "Left", "Top" and "Cropped Size" in "Crop" tab, user will get rid of the annoying black margin of the video.

Crop video with Moyea Video4Web Converter

3. Add effects to the video. Click "Effect" tab and then user is able to add effects to the video with corresponding bars like "Brightness", "Contrast", "Saturation" and "Volume Zoom".

Add video effects with Moyea Video4Web Converter

4. Add watermark to the video. Click "Watermark" tab and then check "Enable Watermark". After that, adding text watermark or image watermark to the video. Locate the watermark with "Left Margin" and "Top Margin" or adjust the transparent degree of the watermark with "Transparency" bar.

Add watermark with Moyea Video4Web Converter

Step 5: Add 3D effects with the free 2D to 3D converter. With this free 2D to 3D converter, user is allowed to attach 3D effects to the video. To get to "3D Settings" panel, user needs to click "3D Settings" button or click "3D" icon and choose "3D Settings" in the drop-down menu.

2D to 3D converter

After that, choose the 3D effect in the drop-down menu and adjust 3D depth with corresponding bar in the panel.

Add 3D effects to the video

Step 6: Upload video to YouTube automatically. With this free automatic YouTube uploader, user can upload the converted video to YouTube with just a click. Check "Upload to YouTube" and then click "Convert" button to start the conversion.

When the panel of YouTube Account Setting pops out, user needs to provide YouTube account and password. After clicking "Verify", the converted video will be uploaded to YouTube automatically.

Upload video to YouTube automatically

How to merge videos with Moyea Video4Web Converter?

With the updated Moyea Video4Web Converter, user is permitted to merge videos freely and randomly. After selecting multiple videos, right click them and choose "Merge" option in the drop-down menu to merge those videos.

Merge videos with Moyea Video4Web Converter

How to capture images with Moyea Video4Web Converter?

While user is playing the video in the interface, he can capture the image from the video with the camera icon lying next to the volume bar. The image he gets is usually PNG image by default.

Capture image with Moyea Video4Web Converter

If user wants to set BMP image as default image, he needs to make it in Options panel. Click "Tools" and choose "Options" in the drop-down menu to enter Options panel. Then click "Thumbnail" and choose "BMP" in the drop-down menu of "Image Format".

Change image format in Options panel

Enjoy the video to flash conversion with Moyea Video4Web Converter.

System requirements

Moyea Video4Web Converter ( Convert to FLV ) System requirements
• Microsoft® Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista ,Win7
• 64MB Memory (128MB recommended)
• 512MB hard disc space or above
• Adobe Flash Player 7 or above
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