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Convert SWF file into AVI video with alpha channel

As we perceive, an alpha channel is the part of an image that describes transparency in graphics processing. In terms of assisting animation and video designers to create interactive websites, helping individuals to enjoy digital experiences and facilitating the transfer of mobile contents, the Alpha Channel plays an essential role. And we can say, whether or not a swf2video conversion software could accomplish the flash alpha effect in the generated video is, in a way, a benchmark for the public to evaluate its cost performance.

Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro is one of the current tools softwares available that could come up with a smooth solution for customer to realize the Alpha Channel of original flash files perfectly and facilitates individuals to enjoy the ideal and vivid audio & video effect.
The paragraphs to follow are devoted to employing a step-by-step example to demonstrate how to use Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro to convert the SWF flash files into 32-bit RGBA AVI video files with alpha channel. (Files used in this illustrative application: source SWF file: floating cloud.swf (2 kb); Generated 32-bit RGBA AVI video: floating cloud.avi (3,393 KB))
Launch Moyea SWF to Video Converter. Click the button in the "Input file" field to import your source Flash movie to the program.

Select a source file from the "Import Flash" dialog box that pops up after clicking the "Open" button:

Click on the "OK" button and you can preview the flash immediately.

Click on and you start to set the parameters for the export RGBA AVI video file. The four circled areas should attract your attention if you are to generate a high-quality AVI video with alpha channel:

Now, you can proceed to the step of conversion. Click on and the following "Settings" dialogue will pop up with a full-screen interface as the background asking you to set the Conversion "Settings" to test the Capture Screen. (One detail that demands your attention is the alternative choice of 16 bits/pixel and 32 bits/pixel methods for capturing frames during the conversion. The 32 bits/pixel method will not cause any video quality loss, but it will use much more of your CPU):

Click on the "Next" button and the program will start testing the capturing:

The Capture-Speed "Settings" dialog box pops up after the testing. To get accurate results, please interact with the Settings dialogue when the Flash file asks you to do so. Note that lowering the capture speed can improve the conversion quality:

Click the "Start Capture" button, the first frame of the Flash file will be set as the first frame of the final video file:

The conversion is completed and we have a 32-bit RGBA AVI video file generated from the SWF file.
Now we can progress to experiment on importing the generated 32-bit RGBA AVI video file into the Adobe Premiere Pro for further processing.